Thursday, October 29, 2009

MARFU Sharks Men's All-Star Program

The MARFU Sharks Men's All-Star team has been reconstituted this year by the MARFU board as a development tool for the best players in MARFU. The goal of the MARFU Sharks program is to provide the top players in MARFU with an elite rugby experience that will help them develop and improve as players. The program is particularly looking for the best high school and college players to participate. The development program will include regular training sessions with top coaches, and international competition.

This fall the
MARFU Sharks will have a match against the New Zealand Embassy XV and then a high performance camp in December. In 2010 the program will include regular training sessions and an international tour in the summer. Selections for the 2010 program will be made this fall.

The start of the
MARFU program is this weekend with the first of 2 tryouts/practices. The tryouts are:

  • November 1, Severn River 9.30-11.30am
  • November 8, Doylestown, 11am-1pm
Registration is not required for the tryouts, however coaches' recommendations can be made at and will be used in the selection process.

Players that plan to attend should Head Coach, Peter Steinberg, directly.


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