Friday, February 12, 2010

The Angry Ref - “With the Window Cracked Hollah Back Money Ain’t a Thing”

With many games there is a bit of grumbling from players about this call and that call which is normal.  But I’d like to take this space to clear up one misconception I’ve encountered more than a couple times over the years.  Rugby players of America, by and large your referees do not get paid.  In fact it is overwhelmingly the opposite.  Like you dear players we also pay club dues and CIPP fees.  So you see, we’re all kicking a little bit of bucks up the chain for the privilege of running around on Saturdays.  The vast majority of your referees not only volunteer but they drive for hours, take time off work, ignore family, friends, and chores all to help make your match official.  The result is almost always a net loss when it comes to money. 

So before you open your mouth and spew out an ignorant comment like “We pay to play and you’re getting paid.” Or, “You should give back your check for this game.” remember these simple guidelines:
  • Unless you’re getting paid to be there your ref isn’t getting paid
  • Unless the league you play in starts with the word “Super” your ref isn’t getting paid.  (And even then most  f not all of them are volunteers also.)
  • Unless you have the name of a country on the front of your jersey rather than the name of a local bar your ref isn’t getting paid.
  • Unless your squad has the word “National” before the word “Team” in the name your ref isn’t getting paid.  (And even then, usually your ref isn’t getting paid.)
Now that we have that cleared up let’s remember that we all have the same goal, a good game of rugby.  The ref isn’t against you. The ref is for you.  The ref wants you to do well.  Thank you.


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