Friday, June 11, 2010

The Angry Ref - "Crime and Punishment"

I recently read this article discussing the length of a yellow card suspension in U19 rugby.  If you don’t want to follow the link and read the article it basically brings up the issue that some people, (who these people are isn’t really discussed but I guess they’re loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to be recognized) are questioning the application of a ten-minute suspension in a seventy minute match.  The argument is that if the game is shorter the suspension should be shorter.  The writer (there’s no byline) makes some good points on both sides of the issue.  Readers make some emotional points in the comments.  The Angry Ref will summarize the correct opinion: “Balderdash!”

Here’s the deal kids, regardless of all the good points for or against, if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.  It’s that simple.  If you don’t want to sit out for ten minutes don’t tackle high, don’t fail to bind, don’t punch a guy in the butthole.  Just don’t do it.  If you do get caught doing something like that then man up, shut up, and shape up.  The yellow card is a tool for us to control you when you won’t listen to reason.  You usually get a penalty and a talking to before a card (except in the case of a punch or a stomp or something like that) and that is your chance to get you shit together.  If you can’t do it and your captain can’t get you to do it then you’re going to sit.  And when you sit the last thing you should do is complain about the length.

Honestly the whole thing smacks of over eager parents and coaches.  “Wah wah!  We lost because Billy got a yellow.  It’s the ref’s fault!  The system is screwed up! Blame someone!”  No. Blame Billy.  And blame the coach.  And blame yourself.  Billy had the third high tackle.  Billy didn’t bind in the ruck.  Billy punched a guy in the butthole.  Let’s face it, Billy’s a dick and it’s your fault.  As the coach you didn’t do your job.  You didn’t tech Billy how to control himself and even knowing what you know you put him out there.  You could have pulled him after he went Red Ross the first two times. But you didn’t, you let him play, this is on you coach.  It’s also your fault dad.  You didn’t teach Billy to control himself at home.  The fact that you’re mad shows that you have failed in this aspect of your parenting.  Maybe if you can teach Billy about sportsmanship he won’t get himself in this kind of trouble.  So instead of looking for someone to blame just understand that the ten-minute suspension is fine.  If you don’t like it then do a better job with your players.


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