Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bingham Cup 2010 Report: Day 1

By Roberto Santiago

It was a gorgeous day at the Bingham Cup on Friday.  The weather was hot but never reached the humidity that was forecast.  The theme of the day was "blow out."  There were only a few games that weren't completely lop sided and only a few more that didn't have a score ending in "to 0."  

In the morning Washington DC B beat San Diego 46-5, Gotham B crushed the French, Madison beat Phoenix, Sydney B beat Seattle B, SF B mashed Ottowa, Ireland killed North Sea, a team made up of Brits, Danes, and Dutch.  Later on Washington B beat Seattle B 62-0, Washington A beat Atlanta 38-0, then crush Chicago.  Manchester tied Dallas for the lone draw of the day.

Despite the strong play by many teams two squads stood out above the rest.  The defending champion Sydney A won both their matches including an 80-0 demolition of Atlanta.  They were slightly outdone by the Gotham A side who's two wins included an 83-0 dismantling of Nashville.  

The wheat will be further separated from the chaffe today.  Washington A and B play Sydney A and B which will determine the seeding for that pool.  The last pool games will be today from 9:00-1:00 with quarter final matches starting at 2:00pm.


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