Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reminder - Play Rugby USA select side take on Durham Uni tonight!

Just a quick reminder that the lads of Play Rugby USA are playing  Durham University tonight on Pier 40 in New York.  Full info. and squad details are as follows (or head on over to  See you there!

When: Kick off 7pm.
Why: Last match of Durham's East Coast rugby tour before heading to Canada.
Who: The lads below, and tons of friends. This will be a fantastic night of rugby on and off the field.
Social: Post match for all players and fans at Mr Dennehy's 63 Carmine Street, NY, NY, 10014, 9pm.
Cover: There is no charge for match or social although we would welcome donations on the evening to help cover the costs of the event. 

Play Rugby USA Invitational XV Starting Lineup: (* designates PRUSA staff member / volunteer) 1 Andy King (NYAC)
2 Connor Coyne (NYAC)
3 Vincent Duncan-Calandar (Old Blue)
4 James Lik (Old Blue)
5 Jonathan Kaplan (Old Blue)
6 James Denise (NYAC)
7 Mark Griffin (c) (Old Blue)*
8 Jonny Hoehman (Old Blue)*
9 Justin Goonan (Boston)*
10 Christian Mayo (vc) (NYAC)*
11 Tom Hatfield (University of Glamorgan, UK)*
12 Dominic Wareing (Old Blue)*
13 Elliot Rechtin (Old Blue)*
14 Andrew Fern (University of Glamorgan, UK)*
15 Gareth Redding (University of Glamorgan, UK)*

Forward Reserves:
Greg Van Hausen (Old Blue)
Troy Bartley (NYAC)
Justin Ripley (Old Blue)*
Bryan Vale (Village Lions)*
Abe Cohen (Old Blue)*
AJ Cush (New York)*
Cameron Sinclair (NY Magpies)*
Michael Laczkowski (Whiteplains)

Back Reserves:
Willie Dominguez (New York)*
Kirk Miller (Old Blue)
Chris Day (University of Glamorgan, UK)*
Peter Seccia (NYAC)*

Coach: Bruce McLane (NYAC)
Manager: Leo Purtill (PRUSA)
Referee: Jem McDowall (Met Union and National Referee Panel)


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