Friday, August 13, 2010

Jordan Torres - "New Zealand here I come!"

Outside the Canterbury store in Wellington
August 9th - Leaving New York in the afternoon, I released, here I was on my way to New Zealand. I was pretty nervous.

My first flight was to into LA which took about 5 hours followed by the 14 hours to New Zealand which really tough, but got through it.

I missed my last flight as I was delayed going threw customs and security for a pair of rugby boots!  Had to hang in the airport for a while until I could catch the next one.

I was met at the final destination by the gentleman I was staying with, and once we got my bags we took the short drive to Palmerston North where I was going to be staying.   Drive was a bit strange as I was sitting on the US drivers side and he was driving from the passenger seat!

Was glad to get to the house and settling in as the time change was really messing me up and was feeling a little home sick.  We went out for dinner and when we got back, I just crashed in my room. Its so cold here, wasn't ready for that after coming from a hot Summer on New York.

August 10th - I'm going to Wellington today to buy some gear!  I am doing fine after some rest and getting ready for the Academy that starts on Saturday.  There will be a lot more updates on how that's going soon.


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