Saturday, January 29, 2011

Podcast Episode 13: Kevin Sullivan (TRY Donation Program)

For the first episode of 2011, I sit down with Kevin Sullivan to talk about the TRY (Tomorrows Rugby Youth) Donation Program.  Kevin shares how he, along with an all-star cast of rugby folks, are helping get old rugby kit and equipment to young rugby players in need.

As well as learning about TRY's short and developing history, Kevin talks about his early rugby days and his business, Rucking Insurance, providing health coverage to rugby platters Nationwide.  Plus, listen out for a special announcement from yours truly!

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And to find about TRY visit our dedicated TRY Page here and don't forget to check out TRY's facebook page (remember to Like it!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Coaches wanted for Public Schools in Brooklyn, NY

Cerra Cardwell, the rugby supervisor at  fast NYC  and a player with the Village Lions RFC, is looking for rugby coaches to work in Brooklyn, NY.  The full job description can be found below and is paid position  starting at $25 per hour.

Anyone who is interested can contact Cerra via  email or by phone (860-212-2317)

Job Title: f.a.s.t. NYC Rugby Coach

Reports to: Cerra Cardwell, f.a.s.t. NYC Rugby Supervisor


To provide coaching to children in NYC through the f.a.s.t. NYC Rugby League, school PE program or school recess program. The scope of the role will be to provide a positive, safe and fun coaching atmosphere to children, while paying particular focus on the fundamentals of the sport.

● To coach girls and boys to play flag Rugby
● Introduce leadership skills
● Deliver coaching education sessions to teachers and volunteering parents
● Take a professional approach to the planning, preparation and organization of coaching sessions
● Establish and maintain a comprehensive schedule of coaching
● Regularly evaluate coaching sessions
● Provide records of participation levels at coaching sessions
● Ensure the safety and welfare of all participants
● Undertake any other necessary and relevant duties under the direction of the f.a.s.t. Rugby Supervisor
● Comply fully with f.a.s.t. NYC policies and procedures

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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