Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Jose Gomez Bavaresco of Caciques Rugby Club, Venezuela

Special Report by Leandro Conde for A Rugby Life

Mr. Jose Gomez Bavaresco or "Pepe" is another unsung hero from the developing rugby world. He talks to me about how rugby is progressing in Venezuela. 

ARL: How did the Caciques Rugby Club begin and where do you compete? 

JGB: Caciques was born in the Carpiera neighborhood (Venezuela) through the motivation of our friends and neighbors to play rugby on the weekends.  In 2012, Edgardo Lopez, the Director at the Sports Institute of Sucre district, suggested to me consolidate the club to represent rugby in Sucre. 
Currently, we are participating in the 2nd Division at the Venezuelan Middle Tournament with clubs from Caracas, Valencia, Los Llanos and Aragua. 

ARL: What are the principal obstacles for a development club and how is possible to make progress? 
JGB: The obstacle are the people. People think that rugby is an aggressive sport without understanding rugby's value and its lifestyle.  It also needs continue support from the members of the club to travel, to buy uniform packages and rugby equipment, etc. 
In my opinion, the progress comes from the support of sponsors, rugby events organized by the club members, and a collective consciousness believing that the club is our family. 

ARL: Can you talk about South American Rugby and the National Team of your country? 
JGB: South American Rugby is growing considerably and has a big push from Argentina. They are working on the children base and it is a good example to copy. 
My country, Venezuela is developing and the principal representative is our Women's National Team. Venezuela have talented players, however, we need more support for them. 

ARL: What have you learned from Rugby? 
JGB: Rugby fills our soul and spirit. Rugby teaches to not weaken but continue running, and to fight for your dreams. The competition is with ourselves. Rugby is Caciques, Rugby is tribe. 

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