Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Maser Madueño, President of the Peruvian Rugby Federation

Special Report by Leandro Conde for A Rugby Life

Peru has great potential to be the next big rugby nation in South American with its solid economy and infrastructure, plus the support of the Olympic Committee.  I talk to Mr. Maser Madueño, President of Peruvian Rugby Federation, to learn more.
Maser Madueño, President of 
the Peruvian Rugby Federation
ARL: When did you first discover rugby?
MM: I began playin
 rugby when I 
 16 years old at the Newton College. In th
 days, we took part in the Lima Cricket Club To
rnaments, playing against French and English teachers. As well as playing club level, I also played for over 10 years for Peru National Team where I 
 nice friends, and understood that 
to be
a Rugby Player is being part of a nation that shares the same values. 

ARL: What was your motivation to lead the Peruvian Rugby?
hen I was 39, I bec
me Coach of the National Sevens Team, which I did for 3 years.  I had a background in Economics and combined with my work in management, I was able to create a successful, 
high performance program
. I also had a very good relationship with the clubs and my work for the development of Rugby motivated me to lead the Peruvian Rugby Federation. 

ARL: What are you doing in particular for Rugby in Peru?
MM: Presently
, the
 Peruvian Rugby Federation is working to increase 
 base through the different devel
pment programs around the country. We have recruit
 a Sports Management CEO with expertise in Spain a
 together with our Devel
pment and High performance team, plus our Head Coach and 
 Tournament Director, we looking to make rugby 
 Peruvian sport
 that grows the most

ARL: Talking about Panamerican Rugby, what are the challenges with integration of CONSUR-NACRA? 
MM: I think that CONSUR and NACRA must work together.
There are 15 National Union in NACRA and 8 at CONSUR.  Also more National teams such as Panamá, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico are also engag
 and looking to play.  
A consequence of this gro
th is that 
 have to consider all the levels of game for these N
tional Teams and not just the Conferences.   

ARL: What is your message to people about your Rugby life?
MM:  Rugby brought me 
competitive matches with rivals that became friends; to tours, to joys and to sorrows. However, rugby is
 lifestyle to change people and now I working to share the passion 
that r
ugby brought to me
 Rugby never end

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