Sunday, May 18, 2014

Interview with Alejandro Molinuevo, Coach of Tucuman Province, Argentina

Interview by Leandro Conde for A Rugby Life

Tucuman Province is one of the most recognized provincial teams in Argentina and who have maintained an air of mystique over the years.  I sat down with with Tucuman's Coach,  Alejandro Molinuevo, to learn more.

2014 Argentine Provinces Champions Tucuman Province 
ARL: What was your motivation to coach the Tucuman Province team? What are looking to do in 2014 after the Argentine Provinces Championship?

AM: Being part of the Tucuman’s Province Team is a great honor, here  you will live and feel special things for the rest of your life. The support of my family and friends encouraged me to face this challenge. About the future, I don’t like to think about it. The committee of the Tucuman’s Rugby Federation will take the decision.

ARL: Tell us more about Tucuman’s key to success?

AM: The key of Tucuman’s success was to become a human teamwork where discipline, team goals and the commitment environment was respected by everyone.

At the same time all coaching staff did a great job, respecting our history of the Tucuman’s  Province  in terms of ball possession and contests it in each starts of game. Also the board of the Federation and the provincial clubs worked together providing us players, rugby fields and another sources in previous matches.  The new calendar approved by the UAR  (Argetinian Rugby Union) allowed the participant teams to bring their best from the athletes, increasing the game’s  level.

ARL: Through it's history until present day, Tucuman’s Province has a lot of players selected for the  Argentinian National Team (Los Pumas).  What's your opinion about professional rugby in Argentina?
AM: I believe that the professionalism into the argentinian rugby is a mandatory step to compete within the best nations. This fact helps to create an appropriate body conditioning  to compete in several  international tournaments scheduled, as:  RWC, Rugby Championship and others. However the most important thing  is not to lose the Amateur  Philosophy typical of the argentinian’s players. In our country the Rugby belongs to clubs not schools or universities and the UAR (Argentina Rugby Union) is responsible to assist and support them.

Tucuman Province Coach Alejandro Molinuevo (center)
ARL: What lessons did Rugby teach you in your life?

AM: When I was a child my father  taught me to love sports. He was responsible for my passion with Rugby. At home he taught us to have fun and play with our friends. He also said that our family was a better team and that we must protect ourselves and always move forward together. Then at the Huirapuca Rugby Club (Tucuman) I was fortunate to play Rugby with my brother Tristán, my cousin Leandro and some other best friends,  people with great values, and this doesn’t have a price! Today this is the message that I pass on to my son and my players. The Rugby taught me to respect and to be respected and to live in a better way. 

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