Monday, July 7, 2014

Interview with Nicolas Di Nápoli, President of Ecuador Rugby Federation

Special Report by Leandro Conde for A Rugby Life
Ecuadorian National Rugby Team
The Ecuadorian National rugby team have an impressive performance and win the CONSUR "C" Rugby Tournament in 2014.  Their president, Nicolas Di Nápoli, talked to me about it and the new challenges for the development of rugby in the country. 

ARL: How is rugby is going in Ecuador and what are the challenges you face as President at Ecuador Rugby Federation?
ND: For some people, rugby is non-existent and they think that it is not here. However, for those who I work day by day with, we are proud to see that rugby is growing and the joy of winning the CONSUR "C" cup and bronze medals in the Vargas 2014 tournament in Venezuela.

ARL: Tell us more about Ecuador’s key to success? and Who are responsible for it?
ND: The key of Ecuador’s success was to choose our best players focussing on the Human factors; working as a team and being committed to the team. We also invest in physiotherapy and conditioning.

Nicolas Di Napoli (left)
ARL: Where did you learn about rugby? What lessons did rugby teach you in your life?
ND: I'm from Argentina and when I was 4 years old I learned rugby at the school.  Getting into rugby with all my friends was especially supportive.  If I my children can learn the same life lessons rugby taught me, I will become a very happy Dad!

ARL: How do you see the present of the Pan American Rugby? 
ND: Rugby is growing fast in North, Centre and South America, especially rugby sevens. Countries like the USA and Canada are leading it.  At the same time, Guatemala, Panamá, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Ecuador, maybe also Guyana, are growing but need more support financially, with human resources, and developing the the structure to play.  I believe that with patience and with help from Peru, Colombia and CONSUR,  our country will continue grow strong.

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