Thursday, October 1, 2015

Latest and greatest at A Rugby Life

A lot has been happing at A Rugby Life, although as you may have noticed, I have been a little quiet recently.  In additional to adding a new member to the ARL team earlier this year (my awesome son!), I have been hard behind the scenes working on what the next big thing ARL can bring you.

One of the biggest changes is that I am going to be saying farewell to the audio podcasts, which have long been the stable here.   However, Spotlight, that was a look into the people that live and breath rugby in the US, and the State of Play, my rugby analysis show, will both live on in a new format....but more on that in a bit!

The driver for changes is a my focus on original video content and with that comes the exciting news that I will be partnering with  Gif-Time Rugby Network to bring some fantastic new content to the world.

Good friend and rugby co-conspirator, Gift Egbelu, and I are both advocates of US rugby media coverage, especially via video, and the move to join forces makes perfect sense for the both of us. We are both excited to be finally working together and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our handy work.  With that, expect to see a lot of changes and updates over the coming months, including a new video version of Spotlight.     The good news is, you won't have wait too long to check out the newest watch out for my next post!

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